Gift Buying: Thinking Outside the Box
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Gift Buying: Thinking Outside the Box

I know the frustration of trying to find a gift for somebody who seems to have everything. What finally helped me take the angst out of gift buying was starting to think outside the box. Since then, it seems to be easier to find something that my loved one will like, whatever the occasion. These days, I look in unusual places for gift ideas. Instead of retail shops, I see what is happening at local auction houses. I may look into getting my loved one something they've expressed an interest in recently, like taking guitar lessons. I may even surprise my friend with a visit from a chef who prepares a special meal just for him or her. If you have the gift buying blues, let me help. I'll provide some tips on how to get clues for wonderful presents that will delight and amaze your loved ones.


Gift Buying: Thinking Outside the Box

  • Decorating After The Divorce

    15 January 2015

    It doesn't matter whether you have just gone through a gentle and understanding conscious uncoupling—a la Gwyneth Partlow and Chris Martin—or a nasty, vicious divorce, you will probably be in need of some new furniture. Perhaps, you've given up your old bedroom set because you no longer want to own anything that reminds you even slightly of your ex, or maybe you've split the entire household. Even if you're moving into a smaller place, you will probably be in need of some pieces to complete your new household.