Gift Buying: Thinking Outside the Box
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Gift Buying: Thinking Outside the Box

I know the frustration of trying to find a gift for somebody who seems to have everything. What finally helped me take the angst out of gift buying was starting to think outside the box. Since then, it seems to be easier to find something that my loved one will like, whatever the occasion. These days, I look in unusual places for gift ideas. Instead of retail shops, I see what is happening at local auction houses. I may look into getting my loved one something they've expressed an interest in recently, like taking guitar lessons. I may even surprise my friend with a visit from a chef who prepares a special meal just for him or her. If you have the gift buying blues, let me help. I'll provide some tips on how to get clues for wonderful presents that will delight and amaze your loved ones.


Gift Buying: Thinking Outside the Box

Three Reasons To Use A Rifle Scope Cover

Peggy Lee

There are all sorts of accessories that you can use with any gun that you own, whether it's a rifle, a shotgun, or a handgun. If you own a rifle that you use for hunting, there's a good chance that you've equipped the firearm with a scope. One useful accessory to browse at your local gun shop is a scope cover. Scope covers are available in several different sizes to accommodate different scopes and are typically made of padded neoprene. They have a zipper along their length that you can open and close when you want to put the cover on or take it off. Here are three reasons to use a rifle scope cover.

Protect It From Impacts

When you're moving through a wooded area while hunting, there's always a risk of doing something that causes an impact to your scope. You might drop your rifle as you stumble on challenging terrain, for example, or may hit the firearm against a tree trunk as you navigate an overgrown area. A hard impact to the scope can not only damage it, but can also put it out of alignment. Using a rifle scope cover protects the scope from these impacts, lowering the risk of damage to your scope.

Keep It Clean

It's important to keep your rifle scope clean. Not only do you want to avoid getting water and dirt on the lenses, but you also want to minimize getting these substances on the rest of the scope as much as possible. Equipping the scope with a scope cover will help to keep water and debris away from the scope. For example, if you were to drop your rifle in the mud by accident, you wouldn't have to worry about mud getting caked onto the scope or perhaps even scratching the lenses.

Conceal It

You'll see rifle scope covers in several different finishes, including camouflage. This design is important for helping you to conceal your firearm. If you have a camouflage rifle but a scope that is black or tan, you might worry about the scope standing out when you're hunting. Equipping the scope with a cover that has an appropriate camouflage pattern for your area will help the scope blend into the surrounding environment and not be as evident to your prey. To browse a selection of rifle scope covers, visit a gun accessories store online or in your area.