Gift Buying: Thinking Outside the Box
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Gift Buying: Thinking Outside the Box

I know the frustration of trying to find a gift for somebody who seems to have everything. What finally helped me take the angst out of gift buying was starting to think outside the box. Since then, it seems to be easier to find something that my loved one will like, whatever the occasion. These days, I look in unusual places for gift ideas. Instead of retail shops, I see what is happening at local auction houses. I may look into getting my loved one something they've expressed an interest in recently, like taking guitar lessons. I may even surprise my friend with a visit from a chef who prepares a special meal just for him or her. If you have the gift buying blues, let me help. I'll provide some tips on how to get clues for wonderful presents that will delight and amaze your loved ones.


Gift Buying: Thinking Outside the Box

Fountain Focus: Making A Decorative Garden Fountain The Focal Point Of Your Outdoor Space

Peggy Lee

Decorative water fountains have been a popular item in gardens and yards since ancient times and for good reason. It is hard to beat the beauty of water fountains, but they also provide a soothing sound that is relaxing and refreshing. On their own, fountains are the perfect addition to any yard or garden, but what you place around them will enhance their beauty even more and make them the focal point of your outdoor space.

Boost the beauty of a flower bed

Flower gardens are beautiful on their own and always garner plenty of attention. Adding a decorative water fountain to an existing flower bed will add elegance, charm, and beauty to the flower bed and will enhance the aesthetics of the flowers and foliage. Choose a fountain that will complement your flower garden rather than distract from it.

For instance, a fountain in a bold color will overwhelm a monochromatic flower bed and distract from its simplistic beauty, but a simple natural stone fountain will complement the flowers. In a multicolored flower bed, choose a brightly colored fountain to match one of the flower colors and create a cohesive appearance.

Add charm to a vegetable garden

If you want to add a touch of charm and whimsical fun to a vegetable garden, add a decorative fountain in a garden-themed design. Decorative fountains that incorporate animals, gnomes, mushrooms, etc., into their design are the perfect choice for adding interest to a vegetable garden. As an added benefit, the sound of water trickling will create a refreshing and relaxing sound as you work in your garden.

Create your own outdoor retreat

Outdoor retreat spaces are becoming more popular for busy people who want a space to get away from it all without traveling. A great mini retreat space will contain elements that provide refreshment and serenity, and a water fountain is up to the task. A beautiful multi-tiered water fountain will provide plenty of soothing sound effects and add just the right amount of eye appeal for any outdoor retreat space.

Imagine coming home after a long day at work and relaxing in your yard to the soothing sound of a waterfall. When you make a decorative fountain the highlight of your outdoor space, you can enjoy its benefits any time, whether relaxing at home or when entertaining guests. Suitable for any design style, decorative fountains are a must-have element in any yard or garden.

Talk to a supplier to find a garden decor water fountain for your yard.