Gift Buying: Thinking Outside the Box
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Gift Buying: Thinking Outside the Box

I know the frustration of trying to find a gift for somebody who seems to have everything. What finally helped me take the angst out of gift buying was starting to think outside the box. Since then, it seems to be easier to find something that my loved one will like, whatever the occasion. These days, I look in unusual places for gift ideas. Instead of retail shops, I see what is happening at local auction houses. I may look into getting my loved one something they've expressed an interest in recently, like taking guitar lessons. I may even surprise my friend with a visit from a chef who prepares a special meal just for him or her. If you have the gift buying blues, let me help. I'll provide some tips on how to get clues for wonderful presents that will delight and amaze your loved ones.


Gift Buying: Thinking Outside the Box

Cheap Uniforms Done Right: Solutions That Work

Peggy Lee

When you buy a franchise store and you are wondering how to make uniforms for your employees cost-effective, there are some cheap, affordable options on which everyone can agree. The employees can have a little money taken out of two checks for these options, and you can order several items of various sizes to reduce the cost. Those options include all of the following.

Screen-Printed Shirts

Local screen printing companies can print several of these with your store's name, logo and/or slogan on the front and/or back. You can choose T-shirts if your workplace is really relaxed, or polo shirts if it is a little less relaxed. Buying in bulk and recommending that your employees buy their uniform shirts from you two at a time is a good way to recoup the money and save on the purchase price at the same time. You pass the bulk price savings on to them and they each get a shirt to wear and a back-up shirt for wash day. You may also want to consider screen-printed vests and/or smocks in colors to match your store's color themes. For more information or assistance, contact companies like

Black Jeans

If your business does not require dress pants, consider black denim jeans. Black denim allows employees to feel a little more comfortable in their own skin while at work while also making them appear a little more formal than if they were all wearing blue jeans of various shades and washes. Since most people have a pair of black jeans in their closet, or they can afford a pair of jeans, this lessens the uniform cost for them a little bit more.

Black, Skid-Proof Sneakers

Store floors are essentially tile over concrete. After four hours of standing or walking on this stuff, your feet, knees, hips and back all feel it. If you are wearing dressy shoes or heels, you feel it even more. If there is no real dress code restrictions in place regarding shoes for your franchise, consider asking your employees to wear black, skid-proof sneakers. The black sneakers are a little more formal than white or some other blaring colors, and they will help your employees stay light on their feet throughout their shifts. Cheap, skid-proof black sneakers are also easy to find at discount shoe stores and thrift shops. So, if your employees do not currently own black sneakers, the sneakers are easily acquired via one of the two previously mentioned outlets.